Opportunity for Funding - Grad Students and Post-Docs in Physiology

(1) The CIHR Team Research and Training Program in Sleep and Biological Rhythms has two deadlines for funding: February 15th and October 15th each year. There are funds for at least 5 post-doc awards per year, and 6 graduate awards per year, each accompanied by an additional $3,000 research allowance and a $1,000 travel allowance.

(2) For FULL application and review details please see http://www.utoronto.ca/sleepandrhythms. The website is fully transparent, with all the details of the objectives of the program, eligibility to apply, application forms, how the applications will be reviewed, the reviewer forms, and how the funds will be distributed.

(3) Please note:

(i) Any research teams engaging in true new collaborative projects incorporating sleep-wake states, sedation and/or biological timing systems into their projects (in whatever discipline) are eligible to apply. No boundaries, just new science of high impact.

(ii) The vision of the program is that in 5 years time there will be more faculty and trainees incorporating some component of their research in these important areas, addressing fundamental questions in biology, physiology, medicine and health care.

(iii) If the big picture questions are addressed, this will lead to effective new collaborations, funded projects, major publications and new capacity for research, education and knowledge transfer.

(4) There are also funds available to support a total of ten visits from prominent researchers per year ($1,000 per visit). Please see website for details (‘funds’ page).

Richard L. Horner, PhD
Canada Research Chair in Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology
Departments of Medicine and Physiology
Director, CIHR Team Research and Training Program in Sleep and Biological Rhythms Toronto

Please e-mail all queries to Rhiannon Davies, Program Coordinator at sleep.rhythms@utoronto.ca