A. Giacca, M.D.
Dr. Giacca
Contact Information:
Phone: (416) 978-7537 (office)
(416) 978-0167 (lab)
Fax: (416) 978-4940
Email: adria.giacca@utoronto.ca
Address: Department of Physiology
Medical Sciences Building, Room 3336
1 King's College Circle
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8

Departmental Status: Full Professor

Primary/Cross-appointment: Department of Medicine

Degrees: MD 1981

Affiliations: Department of Medicine, Banting and Best Diabetes Centre (University of Toronto), Heart and Stroke Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence (University of Toronto), Institute for Medical Sciences (University of Toronto).

Courses Taught: PSL425/PSL1425 (organizer)

Research Division: Endocrine and Diabetes Platform (Platform Head)

Research Interests: The primary theme of Dr. Giacca's research is the investigation of the effects of excess circulating energy substrates, in particular free fatty acids, on insulin action, secretion and kinetics, and the implication of these effects for the pathogenesis of diabetes. Secondary themes of research are the studies of the effects of nutrient and insulin excess on: i) atherosclerosis and restenosis; ii) mammary and colorectal cancer

Keywords: Diabetes/Lipotoxicity/Glucotoxicity/ Insulin resistance/ Insulin Secretion/ Oxidative stress/ Clamps/Atherosclerosis/Restenosis/ Cancer.

Detailed Description: Dr. Giacca’s work is on the role of energy excess in causing type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis and cancer. She is working on the hypothesis that energy excess leads to these diseases through similar mechanisms which involve oxidative stress and inflammation. Her laboratory uses infusions of glucose and fat in rat and mouse models to determine the mechanisms whereby excess nutrients oppose the action of insulin and stress the pancreatic beta cell producing insulin, which ultimately causes diabetes. This is to identify targets to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes. She is also addressing the effects of glucose and fat, and insulin on atherosclerosis and cancer.

Cell and tissue culture: Pancreas cells.

Procedures: Atherosclerosis, colon cancer evaluation techniques (in collaboration), glucose clamp, rat carotid balloon injury, vessel cannulatioin, western blot.

Analytical balances, bench top centrifuge, culture hood, culture incubators, dissecting microscope, infusion apparatus, low- and high-speed centrifuge, low and ultralow freezers, stirrer/hot plate, water baths.

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