Note: For Distribution Requirement purposes all PSL courses are classified as SCIENCE courses (see Distribution Requirements and Key to Course Descriptions in the Faculty of Arts & Science calendar ).

'P' indicator courses are available to students in a specific admission category or subject POSt and/or year of study.  On August 6 the priority is removed and any remaining spaces are available to all students.  You can request 'P' courses on the SWS. 

'AE' indicator courses require approval by the department.  You should request AE courses on the SWS (ROSI) during your enrolment period - you will receive an "interim" status.  The department reviews the interim list and determines which students qualify.  For approval, the Department will consider your subject post, cGPA, GPA, courses, and pre-requisites. By August 2nd your status in the course on SWS: will be either APP (approved) or REF (refused).  If your status remains INT (interim), the department has not yet approved your enrolment.  If you are approved no further action is required.  If you wish to enrol in the course or be placed on our waiting list after July 28, please send an email to with your request (please include your student number). 

If you wish to drop an AE course please send an email to with your request, please include your student number in your correspondence.

For classroom locations and course schedule please consult ROSI.

The Department of Physiology offers an On-Line Physiology Course
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