Physiology Organizational Chart

Chair’s Advisory Committee Group (CAG)

Mandate: To provide advice and consultation for the Chair with regard to strategic planning as well as the day-to-day functioning of the Department

Membership: Interim Chair: S-S Bolz, D. Belsham, P. Brubaker, S. Heximer, R. Horner, B. Orser. 

Research, Innovations and Space Committee (RISC)

Mandate: To plan and implement research opportunities and research partnerships for the Department. Oversight of Departmental Research Platforms. Overall and integrated considerations of physical resources (e.g. space and research infrastructure). To advise on nomination of faculty for research awards.

Membership: Chair: S. Heximer, A. Giacca, A. Gramolini, A. Jurisicova, W. Kuebler, S. Lye, B. Orser, R. Horner, M.W. Salter, & S-S Bolz ( ex officio )

Internal Grant Reviews

Mandate: To undertake pre-review of grants submitted by members of the Department.

Membership: Chair: A. Giacca,  P. Brubaker, R. Horner, A. Jurisicova, J. Kraicer, L, Wang & S.-S. Bolz ( ex officio)

Academic Oversight Committee (AOC)

Mandate: To administer and oversee all aspects of student education programs for the Department.  To promote teaching excellence and Faculty Development.  To undertake long-term planning of the Department's Academic Mission. To advise on nomination of faculty for teaching awards. 

Membership: Chair: D. Belsham. M. French, N. Kee, C. Wittnich 

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Appointments & Promotions Committee

Mandate:   To adjudicate all applications for appointments, promotion within the Department.  To regularly review cross-appointments and to oversee the annual process of evaluating the performance of individual members of the Department.

Chair: S. Bolz, C. Bear, D. Belsham, P. Brubaker, S. Heximer, L. Schlichter, M. Wheeler. 

Promotions Subcommittee: Annual Activity Assessment Committee

Membership:  Chair: A. Gramolini,  C. Bear, D. Belsham,  Z.P. Feng, A. Giacca, S. Heximer, W. Kuebler, E. Lambe, M. Wheeler, C. Perumalla, V. Watt, M. Zhuo.   

Workload Policy Committee

Mandate: To develop a Workload Policy with respect to teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses for the Department of Physiology, as mandated by the University of Toronto.

  Chair:  P. Brubaker, M. French, H. Gaisano, S. Heximer, M. Wojtowicz.

Graduate Studies Committee

Mandate:  To administer Graduate Admissions selection process. To consider and advise policy around the Graduate Program of the Department.

Membership:   Chair:  M. Wojtowicz, C. Wittnich,   B. Cox, A. Giacca , P. Monnier, M. Wheeler, H. Sun,  Z. Pausova, M. Zhen, E Lambe (Mat leave)  GASP Representative

Graduate Academic Committee

Mandate: To oversee all academic aspects of graduate programs, including monitoring of graduate courses; evaluation of new course proposals and the development of new graduate programs within the Department. 

Membership:  Chair:  C. Wittnich,  T. Brown, P. Brubaker, T. Gramolini, R. Horner, F. Skinner, Joobin Sattar (GASP President) and Rosalie Pang (Graduate Administrator)

Graduate Student Appeals Committee

Mandate : To consider formal appeals from graduate students under the relevant guidelines of the School of Graduate Studies. 

Membership:  Chair: J. Duffin, Z.-P. Feng, R. Horner, M. Wheeler and GASP representative 

Student Committees

a) Graduate Association of Students in Physiology Executive (GASP)

Mandate: The Graduate Association of Students in Physiology is an elected group of graduate students from the Department of Physiology. Our responsibility is primarily to enhance the experience of students in the Physiology Graduate Program, and to encourage interactions between graduate students and with faculty members, whether it is through social events or academic activities like the annual Frontiers in Physiology Research Symposium.

President: Joobin Sattar (Heximer lab)

co -Vice Presidents:  Holly Stacey (Brubaker lab) & Shane Ellis  (Hutchison lab)

Treasurer: Jake Cosme (Gramolini lab)

Secretary: Frances Wong (Cox lab)